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Wallpaper* commissioned us to create an ‘art gallery’ at the centre of their new book for the minimalist window systems manufacturer Vitrocsa. In response to the brief ‘Light is More’, we created stills for a section of the book and an accompanying film.

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Date of Completion:

Found Studio

Feb 2022

This was another project I worked on while at Found, which required us to fill 10 to 12 pages in Vitrocsa's latest book showcasing their products. We utilised my experience in Unreal Engine to create hundreds of iterations and ultimately, a final film. Scored by Sam Swallow, with additional sound design by me for the R&D reel below.

The narrative for this film was built around a poem about the interaction of natural light and its relationship to the built environment.  Working alongside our Creative Director, I built an asset that reflected the client's product range and one that would act as the interactive element for the natural light.


Unreal Engine 5, Adobe Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve

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