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Barcelona’s OFFF Festival is the biggest event in the global design calendar, so to be asked to create this year’s visual campaign, alongside an invitation to speak, was an absolute honour. Working closely with design agency Vasava and audio studio Combustion, we designed the campaign for this year’s festival. Our animations and key visuals form a creative enlightenment story centered around the simplest 3D form; the cube.

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Date of Completion:

Found Studio
Vasava Studio

Mar 2023

Our hero character, CUBE, embodies OFFF’s diverse audience, whilst each new area it explores represents the learning experience of OFFF’s talks and workshops. Through considered animation and behaviour, our curious hero navigates the five stages of the creative process that comprise each chapter. 

Alongside our Creative Director and a Senior Motion Designer, I was involved in shaping the narrative of the films by deconstructing the brief and abstracting it into a story. We were initially tasked with creating an RGB cube and 6 spaces that somehow relate to the festival.

I found a way to bridge the idea of the spaces to a concept of 'mastery', and using the cube as a protagonist, we could visualise an experiential growth from the perspective of the OFFF visitors.

The cube traverses through spaces that relate to discovery as a way of something that catches our attention; entertainment as a means of immersion; insight as a means of gaining a deeper understanding; process and connections as a way of understanding how things work and how they may relate to other things that expand our understanding of the creative world, and mastery as the ultimate, life-long path of expression and creativity.

The cube itself, as the protagonist, needed to fulfil the needs of the brief but also be able to express curiosity, wonder and playfulness. We split it into two fundamental parts - the outer shell which changes shape as it accelerates and decelerates in and out of motion, and the inner shell which looks around and acknowledges the spaces around it. Its colours refer to the RGB tones and hint at the observed direction of the cube.


Unreal Engine 5, Cinema 4D

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